Nature trails go Green Campaign

At Nature Trails, we are steadfastly committed to sustainable development. We keep taking initiatives to make this commitment a reality.

Last year we built a Waste Treatment Plant to treat all waste water generated by our hotel making sure that we donot discharge any effluents that pollute environment or contaminate water bodies.

Our personal health and wellness depend very much on the presence of chemicals that we consume through our daily diets.  If we really make an effort we can not only reduce the amount of chemicals we consume but more importantly preserve the nature to make the world a better place for our next generations to live.

At Nature Trails we collect garden waste to make compost. Using these compost we grow vegetables for our own consumption and where possible, to serve our guests too. These vegetables are 100% organic and chemical-free.

We have an ambitious plan to set up a fully-fledged organic farm to source our vegetable requirements. When this happens we can make sure that our guests can pick their own choice of vegetables, see them being cooked and enjoy a truly authentic Sri Lankan meal.